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What is the first thing you do in the morning? Perhaps you like to listen to the radio, or enjoy a cup of coffee? You might like to heat up a croissant, spread some butter and jam on it, and start your day off with all three.

Rather than stumbling out of bed as your alarm goes off, walking into the kitchen door and electrocuting yourself on the toaster, before burning your fingers with the kettle and getting the radio antenna up your nose, why not employ ST-027 Smart Plug to switch all of these on for you?

With less to concern you in the morning, you’ll be able to focus on getting yourself dressed and looking presentable. If you have a family, the benefits are multiplied!

ST-027 can manage your home smartly and more convenience!

Wireless smart socket can be fit in various scenes such as living room, kitchen, garden and bedroom. Instead of reaching for outlets and plugs every time to plug and unplug your appliances such as lamps, lighting, bread maker, water heater etc.

You can also create schedules in daily life! Like timer to turn on your coffee maker at 7:30 a.m; keep your kids on schedule to make sure the television is turned off when they should be doing homework, or use a countdown feature to have any lamps shut off right before bedtime.

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