ST-027 Smart Plug

 Download Instruction Here

(there's a setup video below too) 


use below link to generate your Unique API Key

(we highly recommend saving the API KEY info from the API page in case you forget it)


Generate Unique API Key for ST027


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Part 1. Device Setup

Mobile Setup

PC/Mac/Windows/Linux Setup



Part 2. How to Control.

(please make sure Part 1 is done, Part 2 includes Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Mobile, PC/Mac/Window/Linux control)


A) Amazon Alexa & mobile app control 

( requirement: Amazon Echo Series product ) ( android version alexa app, exactly the same )


B) Google Home & Assiatant ( Google Home mini as example)

( requirement : mobile device with Google Assistant or Google home & mini series) 


C) Mobile Control:


 D) PC/Mac/Windows/Linux Control: