ST-027 Smart Plug

 Download Instruction Here

( note: we use Euro Plug as example, US/UK plug LED & button works exactly the same way )


( setup video below too) 

 firmware update check here. 

( please contact to get API key if you don't receive it ) 


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Setup process :


Part 1. device setup for internet. (necessary)

Part 2. generate API command. ( necessary, but amazon alexa echo can skip)

Part 3. How to control

                (A) Amazon Alexa Echo control ( optional )

                (B) Google home (optional)

                (C) Mobile (optional)

                (D) PC/Mac/Linux/Windows (optional)

                (E) iPhone Siri (optional)




Part 1. device setup for to connect internet. (necessary)

there are 2 methods: *App Setup (beginner)   &   *Direct setup (advanced but recommended).

please try to use another method if somehow one failed.



*App Setup for beginner as below.

iPhone please download Espressif Esptouch app first.

Android please download Smartconfig app first.

steps: reboot and make sure ST-027 keeps blinking, also make sure your phone connects to "your home wifi", open the app and put in password, then click confirm.


*Direct Advanced Setup Video as below.


with Mobile Setup

or with PC/Mac/Windows/Linux Setup


Part 2. generate API command. ( necessary, but amazon alexa can skip)

 Please Scan QR code you received and copy the API token.

then go here:  Generate Your Control Command 


Part 3. How to Control.


(please make sure Part 1 is done!)

Part 3 includes Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Mobile, PC/Mac/Window/Linux iPhone Siri control)

you can jump to the one you need.



A) Amazon Alexa & mobile app control 

( requirement: Amazon Echo Series product )

steps: reboot the smart plug, then talk to alexa " alexa, disconver device ", then it would work.



B) Google Home & Assiatant ( Google Home mini as example)

( requirement : mobile device with Google Assistant or Google home & mini series) 


C) Mobile Control:


 D) PC/Mac/Windows/Linux Control:


E) iPhone Siri Control (no need homekit ):


iOS 12.0 above, install "shortcut" app first.

iPhone 5S above models.